Personal Best times (PBs) can be set at galas, open meets, and in some instances, time-trials.  They can only be taken from relay events if the swimmer was first in the relay and the time was recorded electronically.

County, Regional and National Championships Qualifying Times can only be set at ASA licensed open meets, such as the County Championships.  Swimmers should keep a record of their pb's, but can check up to date times from licenced meets via the ASA website

Short course PBs are recorded for each swimmer on a database which is updated after each competition (galas and open meets).  This record is held so that coaches have up to date information per gender and age group, and to select teams for team events. 

Records can only be achieved at competitions, except for long distance events (400m and over), which can be achieved at time-trials.  The age is on the day of the competition or time-trial.  They can be taken from relay events if the swimmer was first in the relay and the time was recorded electronically.

Short Course - March 2018

ShortCourse March2018 BoysShortCourse March2018 Girls

LongCourse February2018v2 Boys

LongCourse February2018v2 Girls


ClubChampRecords2017 Boys ClubChampRecords2017 Girls

Alternatively, visit our downloads page to download any of the above sets of results



FDSC Officials
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Official MarkOfficials Briefing Room

Technical swimming officials and volunteer helpers are integral to training and competing at Flitwick Dolphins SC and all club members (and their parents) are expected to do their bit.  The system only works due to the generosity of volunteers with no children swimming who give up their time and enthusiasm for the benefit of the Club — please step up to show your appreciation by volunteering to play your part.  You will enjoy being an official and it beats spectating hands down!

Officials Co-ordinators

At Flitwick Dolphins, the Officials Co-ordinators are Phil Winder and Sandra Grant.  They are responsible for ensuring that the Club fulfils its commitment to provide officials at open meets, league & trophy galas, club championships and other events.  They provide a local point of contact for all current and prospective officials within the club — if you have a question or concern, it’s their job to resolve it!


Many thanks to all officials who support the club throughout the year at trophy galas, league galas, open meets and championships:  without your willingness to complete the training programme to become a qualified official and to support your club on poolside, the swimmers would be unable to compete. 

With effect from March 2015, the ASA has tightened criteria regarding the provision of officials at licensed meets. It is not permissible for anyone qualified as a timekeeper with no further training to fulfil any of the designated roles at a meet licensed at Level 1, 2, or 3 — this includes County and Regional Championships and all Open Meets (including the Flitwick Open). Even for a Level 4 meet (such as Club Championships), additional training is required for the Chief Timekeeper role. These changes mean that having suitably qualified officials is more important than ever before.  The club currently has several officials in training and any parent is very welcome to join them — it is possible to learn at your own pace under the guidance of a mentor.  Applications are already being accepted for the Judge Level 1 course starting this September — no prior experience is required.

Flitwick Dolphins has always been strongly represented at the Open Water Championships in July.  Beds ASA have arranged an opportunity to train locally as an Open Water official with a view to completing the qualification in July — please contact Phil Winder for details.


our officialsTechnical Swimming Officials

Swimming officials are required to ensure that rules are observed and competition is fair.  Within England, the ASA provides guidelines on how many officials are required for each type of event and what their roles should be.  You have probably seen officials dressed in white surrounding the pool and wondered who they are and what they do.

Timekeepers – measure the time taken by the swimmer to complete the course.

Judges – observe whether the swimmer complies with the relevant rules during the race.

Starter – gives the signal to start the race.

Referee – has full control of the competition, is responsible for health & safety and ensures that the competition is fair and swimming laws are upheld.
There is a natural progression from parent to timekeeper to judge … and so on.  Special courses are available for officials at disability and open water events.  A licensing scheme ensures that officials’ qualifications and experience remains current as the rules and conduct of swimming competitions evolves. 

Full details may be found from the ASA.

Non-Technical Swimming Officials

ASA guidelines also specify non-technical poolside helpers — these roles are vital for the competition to run smoothly.
Promoter – defines the conditions of the competition, processes entries, ensures that the necessary facilities and health & safety procedures are available throughout and appoints the referee.

Recorder – captures the places and times following each event and processes the results.  Update the score at team league galas.

Announcer – works closely with the referee to provide safety announcements and other relevant information during the competition.
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If you are a Flitwick Official then we suggest you register for the British Swimming Officials Newsletters which will keep you up to date with any changes in rules or opportunities to officiate at major meets. Click here to register for the newsletter.

Further information on 2016/2017 Official's Courses can be found here

Flitwick Young Officials

Flitwick Dolphins Young Officials

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