Last month our Junior League team competed in the second round of the league in Staines.
It was brilliant seeing so many smiley faces on the coach! At the pool the atmosphere was great, with so many of you cheering on and supporting your teammates which is what we love to see. We had lots of fun chatting to you all as well as giving you advice, and we are aware that for many of you that was one of your first competitions. But despite this you performed well and approached the gala with a superb attitude.
With two weeks until the final round, now would be a good time to talk to your coach about anything you’re a little unsure of about your swimming or about racing in general. Or you can chat to myself and James about any concerns or just for a bit of advice; remember we’ll be there on the day as well to support you too!
Overall, you’re all doing fantastic, and lets really focus in training these next 2 weeks to really smash it in round 3!
From your club captains- Katie and James