We love spending time with all swimmers providing support and advice, but mainly just cheering you on and having a laugh with you! However we appreciate that we’re not able to see everyone all the time, and in order to completely fulfil our roles as Captain’s we’ve decided to create a Captain’s email address.

The purpose of this email account would be for swimmers only (any parents should direct issues straight to swim club manager) to contact either of us with any issues you may be having involving swimming, ask any questions you have, or ask for any advice. Or of course arrange to talk in person with either of us. This could be anything from worries about competing, to struggling with a lack of confidence. We’ve both been in the club for a very long time, and will always try our very best to help you overcome any issue.

Of course this would be very confidential, and anything we received in the email would stay between us and yourself. If we believed the problem was something more serious for example a welfare issue, it would naturally be passed onto someone more senior, for example the Welfare officer.

If you are a swimmer at FDSC and you would like the email for the Club Captains, please contact the Club Secretary whose email address is on the club website contacts page and the club captains email details will be sent to you.

The club captain email  is for ANY swimmer to use should they want to. Only James and myself have the login details for it, and these can be changed and passed down to any future captains should they wish to use it.

It may be that no swimmers use this form of contact with us- which is okay! It’s just always there as an option so that every swimmer can feel supported at any time.

Thank you for taking time to read this.

Katie and James