Our aim is to provide individuals of all ages the opportunity of swimming in a competitive environment.  Swimmers can enjoy the fun and competitiveness of swimming at all levels against individuals and other clubs.

We were established in 1991, click here for a history of our club.


Head Coaches Welcome Statement

FDSC is a very open, friendly and competitive swimming club with Swim 21 status. We are focused on providing a well-organized swimming structure in which every member can progress to the highest level within a caring and supportive environment. Each swimmer will receive a welcome that will last throughout their time with us, and will receive all the support and encouragement to help them achieve their complete potential. We focus, not only upon the training aspect, but also on being a member of a very successful and friendly club. Our swimmers participate at a very high level of competition, including National level.

FDSC are very keen to allow children to participate in a sport which offers so much, not only in the pool, but in being part of a close caring club. They can be confident that they are an important part of a supportive programme which will encourage them to train and develop both physically and mentally.


Training Philosophy


We are a competitive swimming club and aim to provide swimmers of all ages with the opportunity to compete in events from local to national level. Although a relatively small club, we pride ourselves on competing successfully at all levels, from local friendly galas to National Championships. Competitive swimming demands much from swimmers and their parents, but the rewards for hard work, dedication and commitment are high too. And not just in individual success, but also in fostering team spirit, gaining self-discipline and confidence, improving fitness and making friends that last a lifetime.

Flitwick Dolphins is affiliated to the ASA East Region, is a Swim 21 Accredited Club and holds the Clubmark award.

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