Flitwick Dolphins are proud to announce that  the clubs swimmer and flippers coach, Claudia Grant-Dawson, has been selected by The ASA to take part in the
Youth Sport Trust 2015 National Talent Camp taking place at Loughborough University in December 2015. The National Talent Camp is a unique four day residential experience which brings together 350 of the most talented young athletes, coaches and officials from across England.

claudia grant dawson
Claudia will be one of the 350 aspiring young athletes, coaches and officials from across the country that will have the chance to take part in an inspiring four-day residential experience. Selection of each participant is based on demonstrating talent as a coach and having shown a commitment to both the sport you are involved in and the will to push yourself further in your chosen sport.  The club’s Head Coach “Hatz” recommended  Claudia for this camp as an ideal candidate and not only suggested she apply but supported her application.  Claudia is one of the club’s senior swimmers and is the current ladies open champion, she is also a qualified ASA level One teacher and Flippers Coach as well as having a National Pool Life Guard qualification and working towards her British Swimming Judge Level One qualification.  Hatz was delighted that Claudia’s application was successful and he will continue to be involved in her progress after the camp and throughout the year that the initiative continues for.

The camp will see 125 athletes, 125 coaches and 100 officials come together to participate in a unique multi-sport, multi-role, three dimensional camp, to increase individual aspiration and ambition, and develop empathy. Through the camp, young people are stretched and challenged to be ambitious and achieve their sporting best.

Working with National Governing Bodies of Sport, sports coach UK and Sports Officials UK, the camp, which is funded by Sport England, and presented by Loughborough University, offers our most promising young coaches, athletes and officials the opportunity to learn and share valuable experiences in their pursuit of sporting success.
Throughout the camp, young people are actively encouraged to dream and be ambitious on where their talent can take them, develop a holistic view of their own performance and understand how they will deliver when they are back in the environment of their own sport.


"The National Talent Camp brings together three types of people from the world of sport; athletes, officials and coaches. It's a great initiative that aims to facilitate learning and support development. I urge everyone attending to make the most of the experience as it will be four inspirational days that you won't forget!" - Maggie Alphonsi, Youth Sport Trust Athlete Mentor Manager, and Women's Rugby World Cup winner

"The National Talent Camp is a fantastic opportunity to learn with a group of like minded people. It provides a real insight into coaching as a whole rather than football focused which really enhanced my skill set and development. It was a prime opportunity to share ideas, and try new things without pressure and fear of failure." - Lauren Asquith, Former young coach, and now National Talent Camp Young Coach Mentor

For more information visit the Youth Sport Trust Website