The pre-county camp at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre in south London between 18th December and 21st December was put in place to give a chance to our County Championship Qualifiers to get some extra long course preparation away from Flitwick in the run up to counties. The aim was to give the swimmers a 2 days programme focusing on their technique but also with an emphasis on swimming in a long course pool similar to how the Counties would be run at the end of January.

The facilities were  exactly what we needed from a 2 day camp. The food was very good and varied. We encouraged all our swimmers to eat a balanced meal at each meal of the day.

The dry land facilities were a little cramped but the coaching team managed to work around this, with some great games played towards the end of the end of the weekend.

The pool was also very good. We were, surprisingly, the only club in the pool at any given time so it really did feel like a private pool solely for Flitwick Dolphins.

In the evenings, following dinner, the team got together in the conference room to watch some videos going over certain aspects covered in the swim session to affirm the teaching points they had been given by the coaches.

The most surprising thing of the weekend was the great weather we had. The 17C temperature and clear blue skies made what was a tough two days that little bit more easier as the swimmers were skipping to the pool from their accommodation each day.

We would like to thank the Crystal Palace staff for their hospitality and we look forwards to going back again for future camps.

Special thanks to Junior Performance coaches Ian Fowler and Judy Thompson for their invaluable support and enthusiasm during the camp playing a vital role in the success of the weekend.  

Head Coach

The Crystal Palace swim camp was my first swim camp ever! I thought it was a fun time and learned a lot as well. I enjoyed the challenge of training in a 50 mtr pool for longer than I usually do. I was worried that I would struggle to keep up with everyone else - but found that I could. ☺ I will look forward to the next one - thank you to everyone that was involved. Jake Hickmott

The swim camp was brilliant and I can't wait to go again! Martin Bull (Senior Squad!)

It was really fun and I liked the breakfast after the training session. Mari Cutler

Really great trips and fun, loads of swimming. There were great facilities. Albeit only two days a mix of enjoyable activities. Ellen Faysse

The Crystal Palace trip was vey enjoyable. The training was hard and I won't deny it but as hard as it was there was a variety of what we did in and out of the pool. The accommodation was reasonable for our length of stay but there was a bit of dust and mud in the rooms. I liked the fact that we met up in the evenings to discuss what we had done that day and watched videos about ways to improve dives and turns. The food in the canteen was ok but there was quite a lot of meat in the meals and the vegetarian option didn't look very appetizing. I enjoyed having the chance to train at a 50 metre pool for a few sessions so I could understand how long all the different races would be, so my overall review is that it was a very enjoyable, challenging, hardworking and fun trip. Imogen Thompson

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The training sessions were challenging and really enjoyable on each of the days. During the last 15 minutes in the pool on the last day we got to have a fun session which was amazing. It was brilliant. Thank you to everyone involved. Billy Cutler

I thought that the swim camp was really hard but also a lot of fun. We did a lot of training and a lot of hard sessions and I think we all got a lot out of it. Sam Dennis

It was good to train in a 50m pool and it was good to be with my friends Ben Raynor

Wonderful time. Everything was brilliant . The food was great, the room was cosy. Just overall it was amazing . I would definitely go again. Eloisa Miller

It was amazing, great fun! I really enjoyed the land training sessions, the swim sets were hard but fun at the same time. I learnt loads about technique. I really enjoying the social side of the camp. Autmumn Handscombe

I had an excellent weekend at Crystal Palace. I enjoyed the swimming and the land training and cant wait to go on the next swim training camp :-) George Maskell