As we are now, as a club, embarking upon an exciting new era including training at a new pool and, in a bid to keep up the efficient running of the club, we have decided that now is a good opportunity to have a full review of all contact information, including all emergency contacts as well as any Medical Declarations in respect of each of our members.

Some member may have completed contact and information forms a number of years ago and so possibly by now contact information may have changed and there may also be changes in medical information as well as new telephone numbers, emails, home addresses etc. If you have recently joined the club this is unlikely to be the case so there will be no need to send in any updates at this time.

Please ensure that any changes in contact details, medical declarations etc., are notified to the club immediately that they occur.  This is your responsibility.   You can notify the club either by email to the club secretary or by hand delivering any information to me as Club Secretary, but please do not hand deliver to anyone else at the club as they have enough to deal with coaching, competition entries and other duties. Ideally you would email secretary at the following email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The ASA "Medication and doping control” form is available for you to complete, if necessary, and can be located on the club website on the download section , just  go to downloads and look for and click on :-
Medication and Doping Control              Policies       Injuries         British Swimming Medical Declaration Form
The system that we use to communicate with members is Swim Club Manager. If any contact details are incorrect especially email addresses, you will not receive important club notifications.    We are able to enter the information to this system on your behalf. Alternatively with every new membership our Membership Secretary, Ian Murray does send this message out (see below) and therefore if you wish to take up this option please email Ian Murray via SCM on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and put into the subject box the reference "Update Personal Data – FAO Club Membership Secretary”   so that Ian can recognise that the email is for his attention.

Personal Data

We use an internet-based service to manage our membership records which also allows you to update your own contact details. To check your or your child’s details you will need a password to log into the system at, if you have not already been provided with a password please email me and I’ll forward the details to enable you to log on. It is important that these details are kept up to date so that the club can contact people as quickly and as efficiently as possible. You can now also check and update your details on the ASA On-line Membership System at
So please ensure that the club does have up-to-date information and send in any updated information at the earliest opportunity.  Our ability to contact you either in the event of an emergency or even if just to keep you informed of changes in training times, activities or events is only as good as the information that you provide to us.
We also feel that it would be a very good idea for your swimmer to have within their bags of swim kit etc,  emergency contact information. This can be in the form of a luggage tag tucked inside the bag (so it is not seen by anyone and information is not visible), or any other water poof format (kit can be soggy and ruin bits of paper) and/or tucked inside a spare pocket of the bag. We will leave it to you to decide upon how you will store this information inside  your swimmers bag. A typed up laminated card is one option and these will simply be a back up option for ease of speed.

Many thanks
With kind regards
Club Secretary