Unfortunately this meet has filled up rapidly and long before the closing date for entries. This means that as soon as our Competition Secretary went to submit our entries, well within the closing date, the meet had already become full.    This is something that is totally out of our clubs control.  Licensing criteria usually stipulates a maximum time a competition can take place and if a club gets a lot of entries, the time can soon be filled and any more entries take the timings over the allowed competition time.   I have handed back some entry forms and cheques last night and I do have a few more to return which I shall do as soon as possible.
Once again, we are sorry that this has happened but we shall not now be attending this swim meet. There are other meets coming up and soon as the entry packs are available these will be sent out to our club members. Could you please complete the entry forms with total accuracy as to entry times etc. and hand back to us ASAP so that we can send in our entries as swiftly as possible.  
Please also take the time to check the website and any emails that you receive from the club on a regular basis as to keep you up to date on all matters in relation to the club and competitions and events. Please also feel free to email Swim Club Manager on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions and I shall assist as soon as possible.
Kind regards

Club Secretary