New Head Coach Nigel Halford is changing the description and role of Sprint Squad: this squad will be available to swimmers from A squad who want to reduce the number of sessions that they do, for example as they enter 6th form or start college, and for Masters swimmers who want to do more sessions than are available to the Masters squad. It is not an alternative pathway from C and B squads, or a keep fit squad. Swimmers in Sprint will be expected to be capable of training alongside A squad and to swim for the club when selected.

University squad swimmers are also expected to be able to train alongside A squad, and can swim any of the A squad sessions if there is sufficient space. It is worth checking with the coach before deciding which sessions to do when returning from Uni.

Swimmers in all squads are encouraged to do the number of sessions recommended for their squad, but the concept of compulsory sessions has been dropped.

Please also note the Friday morning session at FLC is now open to B and C squads. This is not an additional session but an option for swimmers to use to make up their quota.