Beds ASA has today announced that a Judge Level 1 Course for Timekeepers will be held at Flitwick Village Hall on the evenings of Sunday 4 December and Sunday 15 January.  All current timekeepers and trainee timekeepers are eligible to apply so long as they are age 15 years or older.  Together with the timekeeper classroom session that you have already attended, these two sessions complete the classroom elements for training as a British Swimming Judge Level 1.  A further programme of mentoring will then enable you to learn from qualified judges, culminating in a poolside assessment.  All required knowledge will be covered by the course and no prior experience is necessary.  The timing of the course ensures that there will be an opportunity to apply for mentoring during the County Championships in January/February.

There is a course fee of £8 payable to the ASA.  By applying for the course as a Flitwick Dolphins official, the Club will pay this on your behalf so there is no cost to you.

As you are aware, British Swimming licensing criteria mean that opportunities for timekeepers are restricted to Level 4 and unlicensed galas whereas there are no such limitations for Judges who are able to assist during open meets including the Flitwick Open and the County Championships.

The course details and an application form are available on our website here.  Please return this to Sandra Grant or to me and we will forward it to the Regional Officials Manager, David Metcalf.  The deadline for applications is Wednesday 30 November but please don't leave it until the last minute!

Please ask me if you have any questions.


Phil Winder
Flitwick Dolphins SC