It is with pleasure that the club can announce that the new Swimzi shop is now up and running. Details are on the website here. The club are also pleased to be able to offer you a 5% discount on the Swimzi items that you will obtain at the actual point of sale and direct with Swimzi .

The Swimzi kit is meant as an addition to the club kit and there is no obligation on the part of any club member to purchase anything from the Swimzi shop.

The original items of kit that the club sell i.e. the hoodies, polos and Wickability tops are still available to order direct from the club kit coordinator. All photographs and team pictures will be taken with the club's official polo tops etc (and not with Swimzi items).

Swimzi have very carefully and clearly set out in the narrative set out below the exact way in which orders will be processed and how the whole arrangement will work. The shop will be available online three times a year, all the items ordered by club members within the two week period the shop is open will be being delivered direct to our club kit coordinator who will bring them to FLC for distribution once they have arrived.

Swimzi are more than happy for you to contact them about sizing or with any queries whatsoever and the contact details are clearly set out.

The club kit coordinator does have a few items of clothing that you can try on to double check for sizing, however it must be pointed out that the club can take no responsibility, whatsoever, for any  information you provide to Swimzi in respect of sizing and that all contractual obligations are between the purchaser i.e. FDSC club member and Swimzi only. The only involvement of the club will be the administration of information on the club website in relation to kit and the bringing of the ordered items to FLC for distribution. All payments for the Swimzi kit will be dealt with direct with Swimzi.

Club Secretary