Tyler Watson of Flitwick Dolphins Swimming Club selected for Open Water swim camp

One of the clubs open water swimmers, Tyler Watson has been selected to take part in an open water swim camp.

Tyler has competed in previous years at open water competitions and has represented the club on a number of occasions. Selection for this open water swim camp couldn't have come at a better time for Tyler as he is part of a team of swimmers that will be embarking upon a relay swim across the English Channel in July of this year.

Tyler is taking it all in his stride and when he was asked how he felt about being selected for the camp he said he was very pleased but that he knew it is going to be hard work.

Congratulations to Tyler on his selection for this open water swim camp , more news and details will follow once Tyler has completed his other sessions at the swim camp .

Good luck to Tyler and his fellow teammates when they embark upon their training preparation for the swim across the English Channel.