The East Region Open Water Championships, on the 15th & 16th July, marked an extremely successful event for swimmers from Flitwick Dolphins. The open water squad consisted of the swimmers:

Alistair Shaw, Tyler Watson, Chloe Ford, Katie Tompkins, Thomas Allen, Francesca Baber, Lily Moore, Ruby Ryall, Shannon Ryall, Maddie Phillips, Olivia Fowler, Simon Dove, Sophie Fowler, Emma Boost, Isaac Moon, Lilli Thompson, Judy Thompson, Nigel Halford – Open water Coach, Ian  Fowler – Open Water Coach.

The first of the great news from the event held in Norwich, is that all of the swimmers completed their swims. These people are:

800 Metres - Francesca Baber, Lily Moore, Ruby Ryall, Shannon Ryall
1500 Metres - Judy Thompson, Olivia Fowler, Simon Dove, Tyler Watson, Eloisa Miller, Sophie Fowler, Lilli Thompson, Maddie Phillips

3 Kilometres - Alistair Shaw, Ian Murray, Katie Tompkins, Thomas Allen, James McFarland, Chloe Ford, Nigel Halford, Isaac Moon

5 Kilometres - Emma Boost

In addition to these huge achievements from all of the participating swimmers at FDSC, a large proportion emerged with county, and regional medals! Our Open Water county medallists are:

Tyler Watson, who received a gold medal and is now a national qualifier;

Katie Tompkins, Francesca Baber, Isaac Moon, Eloisa Miller, and James McFarland who all received silver medals;

Lastly: Olivia Fowler and Lily Moore both received bronze medals, for their respective 1500m and 800m swims.

Our club also saw 7 swimmers receive regional medals at the Championships in Norwich. These are as follows:

Ian Murray received a gold medal for his 3 Kilometre swim;

Alistair Shaw and Thomas Allen both swam 3 Kilometres, Simon Dove swam 1500 Metres, and Francesca Baber swam 800 Metres. These swimmers received silver medals for their swims;

Lastly, Judy Thompson and Emma Boost achieved bronze for their 1500 Metre, and and 5 Kilometre open water swims.

As these results make evident, the East Region Open Water Championships showed Flitwick Dolphins’ swimmers to be at the top of their game, with 13 of them receiving medals overall!