Generally most swimming events are swum in short course (25m) or long course (50m) pools, often when entering long course events you can be asked to provide long course or short course converted times.

We are regulary asked how you convert short course to long course times or vise versa.

Below is a guide for club members:-

If swimmers/parents want to check that they have a Qualifying Time for an event and want to convert the time then the pullbuoy website will give a guide

NB: The Pullbuoy convertor is a GUIDE only. It will still be up to the competition secretary of either our club or the hosting club to accept/validate the entry times.

To access the converter visit   It offers several conversion methods, and it is important to select the ASA tables option from the available list.

Alternatively, you can use the Sports Systems time converter but once again the competition secretary of FDSC or the hosting club will need to accept the entry time.