Recently, in the middle of land training, Anna had to deal with a poorly swimmer and asked Sandra to supervise the swimmers in the land training room for about 10 or 15 minutes while she stepped out.  

After completing the warm up with the swimmers, Sandra popped her head out of the door to look for senior swimmer volunteers to continue with the session until Anna returned.

Without hesitation and with a big smile on their faces, two senior swimmers stepped up, literally jumped straight in and continued with the land training. They immediately took control delivering effective land training and demonstrating in advance what the swimmers had to do. Even when Anna returned they continued to deliver the session, with enthusiasm and skill.

These swimmers without being cajoled or persuaded volunteered themselves to step in. Thank you to these two senior swimmers for their assistance on the day.    

Swimmers of the month for January 2017 are Tyler Watson and Emily Cullen.