Flitwick Dolphins Long Course Training Camp
February 16th -22nd 2014
Coral Beach Hotel and Resort Paphos Cyprus

Eleven swimmers from Flitwick Dolphins took part in a warm weather, long course training camp in Paphos, Cyprus. The swimmers ages ranged from 9 to 17 years, 3 boys and 8 girls.  The Head Coach, Steve Davies led the training with support from Helen Curr and Land Training Coach Anna O’Dell.

We arrived at Paphos Airport around lunch time on the Sunday, after an early morning wake up (around 3am!) to ensure we got the flight.  The transfer through the airport and to the Coral Beach Hotel and Resort was very smooth, being met by an Arena Sports representative and driver meant we did not have to worry about our transfer, everything was organised and explained to us well.

We arrived at the 5* resort in time for lunch (greatly appreciated by the swimmers).  The hotel was very large, beautifully decorated with very friendly and helpful staff. We spent the rest of the day exploring the hotel and facilities – the beach side site was fantastic and the swimmers immediately went in the sea (all be it a little chilly!!)

Monday through Friday we trained 5 hours a day – 4 in the pool and 1 on land. The swimmers rose around 7 – 7.30am and had a fantastic buffet breakfast ( at least 3 courses)  to set them up for the day.  They trained in the brilliant 50m open air pool from 9 – 11am – we were lucky as there was only one other club (training at different times) so we could be a bit flexible on what we did and how we did it.  We were met regularly at the pool by Arena reps who ensured we had everything we needed.  At around midday Anna led some land training – this consisted of differentiated work dependent on the 2 pool sessions that day.  Playing Volleyball (of sorts) was fun and doing core work and stretches on the beach, in the hot sun was fantastic. The swimmers then trained again 5pm-7pm to build up an appetite ready for the fantastic dinner. The food was really good, with a huge variety of dishes over breakfast, lunch and dinner (I am not sure the coaches needed to eat quite so much as the swimmers- but we didn’t want to seem rude!!).  All the meals were freshly prepared with local ingredients and being buffet style, swimmers could eat and drink as much as they liked – ALL DAY !!

The swimmers worked really hard and made good progress through the week – even though we had to build in sun cream breaks for the morning sessions, the temperature was between 24 – 28 degrees each day with bright blue sky, no clouds and a very slight breeze.

We could not have asked for a better venue or weather and Steve would like to make it a regular venue for swim camps in the future.