Swim Camp 2018: Spain 

On 2nd April 2018, coaches Judy Thompson, Ian Murray and Louise King along with head coach Nigel Halford took a group of 29 swimmers from A and B group to Calella in Spain for a 6 day training camp. The hard work began on Tuesday 3rd April with 5 hours of training every day for the next 4 days in the 50m long course pool at the nearby Crol Sports Centre training facility.

The 5 hours consisted of 2 hours early morning training before breakfast, 2 hours afternoon training and 1 hour land training each day. The feedback from swimmers since their return has been overwhelmingly positive.

Olivia Fowler, age 15, says:
"Swim camp 2018 to Spain was a great success both in and out of the pool. many swimmers feel that the extra sessions have benefitted them with the busiest part of the season approaching and they feel closer as a team. Everybody trained very hard in the pool and during the land training sessions. The training was intense but the swimmers are thoroughly prepared for competitions in the future and are already looking forward to the next one!
Many swimmers also enjoyed the social aspects and jumped at the chance to meet members of other clubs staying at our hotel. The swimmers tell me that after camp the club feels like a second family even if we were glad to see our real parents at the airport and wake up later than 6 am the following morning!
Overall, I greatly enjoyed camp and being with my friends. I look forward to continuing to train hard and competing throughout the remainder of the season."
Philip Cummins, age 16, says:
"The time we spent as a club in Barcelona was amazing because we grew stronger as a team, from the hard and gruelling training we went through together - getting up around 6am to be at the pool for 6.45 am with a 2 hour swim from 7am - 9am. Later we had land training which was at 12 - 1pm focusing on core exercises and stretches followed by another swimming session at 2.30pm - 4.30pm. Each session we did was around 3 km and overall around 37km in the 4 days.
The training was very difficult however with all the coaches being there they would push us all to our limits which made the training enjoyable and effective.
Furthermore, the time swimmers had to themselves was spent going to the beach, playing volleyball, bowling, sunbathing, hanging out with other swimmers or just relaxing in our rooms. Overall the coaches did a fantastic job and the organisation of the trip was great! The swimmers were well behaved and supportive to each other."
Coach Judy Thompson says:
"I actually feel privileged to have been away with such an awesome and inspirational group of swimmers."
High praise indeed from the swimmers! Coaches and parents were also happy with the whole camp experience for the swimmers and from the results shown so far at the competition since their return I think it can be safely said the whole experience was a resounding success!
Thank you FDSC!